Development through rehabilitation and training


Lamay, Cusco

Partner organization: The organization Pro Salud Wiñay was founded in 2010 and supports children and youths with physical handicaps.

Project description: "Wiñay Wasi" offers both integral training and physical rehabilitation. These children come from very poor backgrounds and have not been able to attend school in the past. Working at tasks in both the house and the garden helps them to gain confidence and mobility; whereas lessons in music and sports increases their abilities and social competence. The center helps them to catch up with their previously inadequate learning experiences and to develop into independent, responsible and strong young people.

In 2012 a plot of land was purchased and construction of the rehabilitation center began. The home can now accommodate 20 children and it includes class rooms and facilities for therapy.

Contribution apia: apia contributed towards the interior fittings for this center.