Children's dreams become reality


Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Partner organization: The CISOL foundation (Centro de Iniciativas Sociales Latinoamericanas) has been engaged in supporting children and youths from socially underprivileged families since 1987. Programs developed by the foundation help to combat and eliminate child labor.

Project description: The primary school "Educare" founded in 2001 caters to the special needs of disadvantaged children. In addition to traditional schooling, children benefit from tutoring, pedagogical care, a healthy diet, medical assistance, counselling, a library, programs for recreational activities, etc. Around 200 pupils go to this school, which is recognized by the Government since 2015. Furthermore, in Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe CISOL runs a prevention program against child labor.

Contribution apia: apia's contribution covers the salaries of administrative staff and personnel of the prevention program as well as part of the running costs of the school (maintenance, school materials, etc.)

Project coordinator: Ruth Oberli

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