Didactic material for teaching sign language


Mexico City, Mexico

Partner organization: IFIS (Instituto para la Formación Integral del Sordo, A.C.) - Institute for the comprehensive training of the deaf has been promoting the dissemination, recognition and appreciation of Mexican sign language (LSM) and the case of the deaf since 1999.

Project description: IFIS develops new didactic material for the teaching of Mexican sign language (LSM) as second language. Courses for different levels, complete with manuals, workbooks, exercises, activities and video material are offered to improve the communication between deaf and hearing people. Teachers, both deaf and hearing, students, children and their parents all benefit equally. The programs have been established in 2015 and are continuously checked and improved in order to enable teachers to work efficiently and successfully.

Contribution apia: apia carries the bulk of the salaries and participates in the other costs (printing etc.) generating by the production and update of the teaching materials.

Project coordinator: Mirjam Wirth

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