Legal protection for communities


Loja, Ecuador

Partner organization: PASML (Patronato de Amparo Social Municipal de Loja) is a division of the local administration of the city of Loja. For many years PASML, formerly CASMUL, has been working throughout the province establishing projects for children (child care and development, parents' education) providing access to support services offered by the government, regional and municipal institutions with which PASML closely collaborates.

Project description: The pilot project was built on this network of socially disadvantaged families. With the creation of community advocacy, local people are being taught to take responsibility for the rights of children and adolescents in underprivileged areas. An anonymous court, located far away from the area, was previously in charge of trials; however the people and the community were not always able to understand the judgments. Through this project, the awareness of the affected population is increased, parents and children are informed of their rights and obligations, and engage in a concrete effort to overcome the culture of violence inbeded in their society. Through mediation rather than penalty, the issue of violence is handled in a more responsible, holistic and sustainable way.

Contribution apia: apia's support covered payments of staff salaries.