Regional teachers' training program


Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

Partner organization: CAP has been coordinated since 2019 by Pukllasunchis one of apia’s partner organizations in Cusco (Peru).

Project description: Transnational teachers’ further education is an initiative which addresses teachers, educators and social workers who are involved in apia’s partner organization. At the moment there are nine institutions from Peru, Ecuador and Columbia that take part in CAP programs.

Almost all of apia's partner organizations deal with education, learning and training of children and youths. They all have lots of expertise in specific fields, each with particular strengths and all with valuable experience. Based on their know-how, each CAP partner organization offers programs which are designed for training teachers, educators and social workers active in the other institutions. Thus two to four training courses per year, each ranging from 2 to 5 days, are organized in Peru or Ecuador, where teachers can mutually encourage and assist each other. These courses and seminars not only enhance the professional competence of the participants, they also add to the personal, social and cultural exchange between the people of different regions and countries. Moreover, the organizing institutions may invite representatives of neighboring- or friendly organizations and schools, as well as various involved authorities to ”their” events.

Contribution apia: The management provided by apia checks and approves the concepts and budgets for the various training courses, sponsors the expenses for events, covers the participation costs of one to two representatives of the interested participating partner institutions and verifies the results achieved. 

Project coordinator: Sabina Jucker

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