School to replace child labor


Cuenca, Ecuador

Partner organization: Fundación Alianza en el Desarrollo (FAD) has been working with woman engaged in waste recycling for many years. Their children often accompany them when they are collecting waste. They are thus exposed to the dangers of the street and often neglect going to school.

Project description: Through this project, they are offered the possibility of attending school classes. Single mothers are often incapable of helping their children, so to encourage them, a center has been created where children can get tutoring and support with their homework, which also influences their environment in a positive way. In addition, coordination and networking with other institutions promotes access to health care and the prevention of diseases.

Contribution apia: apia makes it possible for 80 children to go to school. Funds are used for school materials, transport, school uniforms, etc., for the salary of a coordinator, as well as further education of children, parents and teachers.

Project coordinator: Ruth Oberli

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