Social and creative learning in a corrupt environment


Cajamarca region

Partner organization: The democratic school of Huamachuco (EDHU) has existed since 2009 and is unique in Peru. The provincial town at 3’400 m above sea level is notorious for its gold mines. While the mines offer work opportunities, unfortunately they also poison the socio-political climate. The environmental health problems created by highly poisonous mining wastes are largely hushed up. Opponents live dangerously.

Concerned parents thought of creating a school as a counter movement, where children should be able to learn without fear and grow into responsible young adults. EDHU aims at promoting a radical alternative contribution to the general school reform in Peru. The school is open to children from all backgrounds, including the poor.

Project description: At EDHU, children are encouraged to choose their learning objectives freely and in a responsible way. They often work in groups, realize projects, work in the garden and workshop, as well as in the kitchen. The social interactions and also the individual interests and learning tempo are here of central importance. Pupils and teachers meet regularly to discuss the school rules and regulations democratically, to plan activities and to aim at solving problems. The school was built with help from Germany in 2012 and an additional expansion of the building was financed through a specific donation.

Contribution apia: apia’s donation contributes to the payment of employees for two years, building of a dining- and multipurpose room as well as toilets with ecological waste water treatment.

Project coordinator: Bettina Groher

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