Training and day program for handicapped youths


Cuenca, Ecuador

Project organization: The Fundación TACAPAD, Cuenca is a foundation in Cuenca which is being supported by the Association "etcetera" in Zurich. TACAPAD stands for "Taller de Capacitación para personas discapacitadas" a trainee workshop for handicapped people and offers opportunities for youths with a mental disability according to their capabilities.

Project description: Mentally handicapped youths from difficult backgrounds are being integrated into daily programs which foster their confidence and independence. They learn, play, make things together, cook and develop skills to better master their everyday life in a more independent way. The handicrafts of the children are being sold at local events and the population thus made aware of topics pertaining to handicaps and the integration of disabled people into society.

Contribution apia: apia finances the cost for attending the workshop for two youths.

Project coordinator: Ruth Oberli

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