Seminar for training in sign language


Mexico City, Mexico

Partner organization: The privately run school for children and youths with hearing disabilities Ippliap has been active since 1967. The organization also supports children with language and learning impairments.

Project description: After 13 further education seminars for teachers with and without hearing problems as well as parents, the 2018 course "Señales para leer y escribir" focused on "Reading and Writing" for which Mexico traditionally ranks poorly compared to international benchmarks. The seminar aimed at teachers of government- and special schools and parents. 390 teachers from 29 out of 32 provinces participated, so that up to 15'000 children and youths benefited from this program. The multiplyer effect of this project is very high!

Contribution apia: apia covers the cost of interpreters (sign language) and the remuneration of (international) experts amounting to CHF 12'000.

Project coordinator: Mirjam Wirth

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